Preparing for the Hunt

Arizona Hunting License

You will need to go online to the Arizona Game and Fish Website

You need to buy your hunting license,  you will be unable to hunt if you do not have a license,  you also need to have completed a Hunters Education Course as hunters are not allowed to take game without this course, be sure to bring your Hunters Safety Card with you.

Upon getting your license, you will purchase your Over the Counter Archery mule deer tag, the cost for this generally around $300, but do change from year to year.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to call JP Vicente at 928-925-9395 or email us at , we can provide information and help you to walk you through the process.


Preparing for a Successful Hunt

At Big Chino Guide Service, we have been chasing monster mule deer in the lands of Arizona for 30 years.

We can guide you to the deer, but ultimately the success of the hunt will be your ability physically to spot, stalk and shoot!

We tell our hunters to be prepared for the stalk, we will be walking long distances in stalking the deer, so be sure you have prepared yourself physically for this. We will as a team with the hunter guide and develop a strategy for the hunt, ie stalk, sit etc, but ultimately hunters will need to be able to hunt, stalk, sit. You can expect to make a minimum of one stalk a day as the strategy of stalking mule deer is locating them and making a move on them when they bed or cut them off as they move. We also have deer patterned to water, movement areas etc and generally have ground blinds setup for hunter wishing to sit.

Prepare yourself not only mentally but also physically for the hunt, make sure you bring appropriate walking shoes and gear.

Once we locate the deer, this is when the heart starts pumping!  This is the moment that hunters wait for all of their life!

Be prepared to be able to shoot at minimum 40 to 50 yards out with accuracy.

Make sure you have practiced and tuned your bows before arriving.

We look forward to hunting with you in Arizona!
Please contact our team with any questions you may have for preparing for this hunt.

Recommended Gear List

Lightweight for Early Season

Camo Patterns and Recommended Gear

Archery Bow – 2 Dozen Arrows – 6 practice Arrows – Hard Case – Soft Case – Bow Harness
Muzzle Loader – 50 Sabots or Bullets- Powder or Pellets- Primers – Hard Case – Soft Case – Blackpowder Cleaning Kit
Rifle – 3 Boxes Shells – Sling- Hard Case- Soft Case – Cleaning Kit

Binos 15’s  Recommended 12’s or 10’s minimum power
Spotting Scope 20 x 60
Outdoorsman Trip Pod System with Pistol Grip and Panning Attachment
Range Finder
Bino Bivy

Recommended Gear List Below

Available at

Early Season System

10023 – Core Silk Weight Boxer

10035 – Core Light Weight Bottom

10033 – Core Light Weight Short Sleeve

10051 – Core Light Weight Hoody

50160 – Ascent Shirt

50127 – Ascent Pants

90198 – Knee Pads

30055 – Kelvin Active Jacket

50051 – Dewpoint Jacket or 50146 – Flash Pullover

50052 – DewpointPant

90174 – Sitka Beanie

90172 – Ascent Cap

90173 – Sitka Sun Hat

90171 – Ascent Gloves

90088 – Merino Liner Gloves

90181 – Ascent Gaiter

90161 – Core Neck Gaiter

90164 – Stealth Belt

40054 – BinoBivy 8x-10X

40036 – Ascent 12 Pack

Mid-Season System

10021 – Core Merino Boxer

10035 – Core Lightweight Bottom

10033 – Core Lightweight Long Sleeve

10036 – Core Mid-Weight Zip-T

70002 – Traverse Cold Weather Hoody

50121 – Mountain Jacket

50104 – Mountain Pants

50122 – Mountain Vest

50149 – Cloudburst Jacket

50150 – Cloudburst Pants

90086 – Jetstream Beanie

90101 – Sitka Cap

90152 – Mountain Gloves

90177 – Traverse Glove

90176 – Thunderhead Gaiter

90164 – Stealth Belt or 90155 – Bomber Belt

90095 – Core Light Weight Balaclava

40054 – BinoBivy 8x-10x

40037 – Flash 20 Pack

50093 – Ballistic Vest

90083 – Ballistic Cap




Late Season System

10021 – Core Merino Boxer

10033 – Core Light Weight Long Sleeve

10041 – Core Heavy Weight Bottom

10040 – Core Heavy Weight Hoody

50032 – Jetstream Jacket

50113 – Timberline Pants

3055 – Kelvin Active Jacket

30053 – Kelvin Down Hoody

30031 – Kelvin Lite Pants

30044 – Kelvin Lite Vest

50067 – Stormfront Jacket

50068 – StormfrontPant

90189 – Stormfront Cap

90077–Blizzard Beanie

90150 – Coldfront Glove

90177 – Traverse Glove

90023 – Stormfront Gaiter

90164 – Stealth Belt or 90155 – Bomber Belt

90096 – Core Heavy Weight Balaclava

40054 – BinoBivy 8x-10x

40055 – Bivy 30 Pack

50093 – Ballistic Vest

90082 – Ballistic Beanie


Consider Lightweight GTX Style with Supported Arch 3/4 high
Camp Shoes or Tennis Shoes

Sleeping bag Lightweight 30 degree bag for early season and a light weight pad

Personal Gear
2 sets Sub layers
4 pairs Merino Wool Socks “Darn Tough” Recommended
Camp Clothes
Personal snacks
Adult Beverages can be purchased upon arrival ” BCO” does not provided any alcoholic beverages for hunters. If hunters would like any special request or beverages upon arrival a stop can be made while en route to camp.